60% reduction in maintenance costs at a major international airport in Ireland

Washrooms in heavy footfall areas such as busy international airports can require constant monitoring, supervision and maintenance. Washroom downtime or closure of any of these facilities due to blockages or other problems can be a source of customer inconvenience and complaints.
The client requested a solution, which would reduce washroom downtime and maintenance costs.

The Problem

There were two main issues which needed to be resolved – reduce water costs and eliminate urinal related malodours.

The Solution

The Cannon-Flo system was installed on the client’s premises for one year. This is a completely waterless system that is proven, dual patented and market leading. It offers an effective and environmentally friendly way of dealing with odours, blockages and urinal flooding, without the need for unsafe chemicals or constant flushing.

The Results

  • Elimination of smells
  • Urinal related malodours were eliminated. Odours previously experienced were no longer reported.
  • Blockages
  • No blockages have been reported.
  • Water and Savings
  • Since Cannon-Flo has been installed maintenance costs have been reduced by 60% and water usage by over 30%.

The Conclusion

The installation of Cannon-Flo has resulted in:

  • 60% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • significant reduction in urinal maintenance.
  • elimination of urinal odours.
  • 30% reduction in water usage.

Cannon Hygiene’s Cannon-Flo service includes waterless urinals, bioblock cartridges, hygiene seals and cleaner.