We Take Clean to
a Whole New Level

Matters to Us

Save Money, Reduce
Washroom Maintenance

A clean, hygienic washroom says a lot about your company. It shows you apply the same high standards to all aspects of your business and place the health and safety of your staff and customers top of the agenda. Choose Cannon Hygiene and you’ll have a world-class washroom service at your fingertips.

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Brand image is formed from many impressions your customers have of your brand. This includes how your premises look and, increasingly, what perfumes and scents are associated with your brand. Major international brands use scents and perfumes to enhance brand experience and create emotional connections.

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Cannon Hygiene offers customers a complete washroom service, covering feminine hygiene, air care, hand care, WC/urinal care and infant care. Choosing Cannon Hygiene means less administration, clearer lines of responsibility and fewer headaches. Our water saving and energy saving ranges can also provide cost savings, whilst being good for the environment.

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