At all times Cannon Hygiene aims to provide customers with the best value for money. In doing this we work hard to understand your business and the competing demands of your sector. All solutions are designed specifically to meet your needs.


First impressions last. Senses are important in forming these impressions and helping customers form a lasting perception of your business

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In an environment where patient care is of utmost importance, Cannon Hygiene recognises the importance of ensuring that any supplier is qualified, efficient, reliable and able to provide high quality infection prevention solutions.

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Cannon Hygiene understands the education sector and works with a range of schools and third level institutions around the world to provide them with a service which can enhance their offer to their customers.

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In the hospitality industry it is all about first impressions!  From the time your guest enters, it is important they have a positive experience. Whether this is the aroma on entering or the appearance of your entrance mat or the cleanliness of your washrooms – all are key in helping customers form a perception of your business.

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Commercial and Manufacturing

Infectious illnesses can often have a significant impact on commercial businesses.  In addition to the impact of staff being absent, it is estimated about one third of staff turn up for work ill.  This means they are present for work, but their productivity is reduced, costing your company money.

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