Washroom services

Air Care

Our air care range offers environmentally friendly air-freshening solutions, which neutralise odours and make way for a more pleasant washroom experience.


The first air care system which uses innovative fuel cell technology to continually freshen 24 hours a day and remove bad odours. Recyclable refill, no batteries, no propellants and natural fragrances, environmentally friendly and silent operation.

  • Continuous odour control 24 hours a day creating a pleasant washroom environment
  • Less waste – made from natural fragrance oils and no batteries
  • Contemporary, compact and discreet to match any décor
  • Recommended in areas of up to 170 m3 and positioned 180 cms from the floor and doorways
Dimensions (mm): Height: 152 Width: 65 Depth: 79
Available Colours White, Black, Silver


  • Fragrance changes with the seasons.
  • The most effective odour neutralising system through its sophisticated fragrancing technology.
  • CFC-free air-neutralising formula, delivers fresh-smelling cleanliness on a pre-determined programmable schedule.
  • Contains ‘Microtrans’ technology to eliminate odours and facilitate round the clock freshness.
  • Each dispenser is delivered pre-programmed and easy to operate on a 24 hour, 30 day refill cycle.
Dimensions (mm): Height: 191 Width: 85 Depth: 71
Available Colours White, Black, Silver