First Impressions Last

In the hospitality industry it is all about first impressions! From the time your guest enters, it is important they have a positive experience. Whether this is the aroma on entering, the appearance of your entrance mat or the cleanliness of your washrooms – all are key in helping customers form a perception of your business.

Cannon Hygiene works with customers in the hospitality sector all around the world, enhancing their brand, improving their customer experience and ensuring customer perceptions are positive and permanent.

CannonScent – emotions and brand

Smell is key in hospitality. Different smells have the ability to trigger emotions and memories in guests and to create brand advocates more likely to engage with your brand and to return again. Beautiful aromas will encourage guests to stay longer and to relax on your premises. Mal-odours will generate complaints and negative feedback.

Cannon Hygiene’s CannonScent offers a range of fragrance oils made by a French perfumier, which you can use to create your own unique environment. Custom designed scents are also available.

Making an Entrance

Hotel lobbies are important statements. They are the first part of your establishment customers experience and they present a subconscious message of future experiences. Scents are important, but so is your entrance mat.
Cannon Hygiene offers a range of luxurious mats in different sizes, complete with logos, 3D printing and vibrant colours. Enquire for more details.

The Bedroom problem!

You know what it is like, somebody has been smoking in your guest rooms – cigarettes, cigars, can all create a difficult problem in terms of odour. Cannon Hygiene’s CannonClear is designed specifically to get rid of stubborn odours. Fragrance-free it works quietly in the background to ensure fresh smelling rooms everytime.

Your washroom tells a thousand words

Washrooms are important in projecting brand image. They signify for the customer your approach to their care, to cleanliness and to hygiene. Cannon Hygiene’s Imagine range will enhance any washroom, creating that important good impression for customers.

Case Study

A Major Hotel Group in India

For more than a century, a major hotel group has brought together unique Indian culture and provided a true experience that highlights Indian hospitality.

With over 100 hotels in 62 locations and employing over 13,000 people across India, this hotel group offers excellent service and local expertise to create a trip to remember in India.

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First impressions last. Senses are important in forming these impressions and helping customers form a lasting perception of your business

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In an environment where patient care is of utmost importance, Cannon Hygiene recognises the importance of ensuring that any supplier is qualified, efficient, reliable and able to provide high quality infection prevention solutions.

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Cannon Hygiene understands the education sector and works with a range of schools and third level institutions around the world to provide them with a service which can enhance their offer to their customers.

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Commercial and Manufacturing

Infectious illnesses can often have a significant impact on commercial businesses.  In addition to the impact of staff being absent, it is estimated about one third of staff turn up for work ill.  This means they are present for work, but their productivity is reduced, costing your company money.

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