A Major Hotel Group in India

For more than a century, a major hotel group has brought together unique Indian culture and provided a true experience that highlights Indian hospitality.

With over 100 hotels in 62 locations and employing over 13,000 people across India, this hotel group offers excellent service and local expertise to create a trip to remember in India.

The Problem

The hotel group wanted their customers to feel the Indian culture when staying in their hotels. Management wanted a solution that was unique to them but also wanted the customer experience to be standard across all of their hotels throughout India.

The hotel group had previously tried using fragrance candles and burning scents to create this unique atmosphere but none was successful. This was due to the large area to be covered within the hotels.

The Solution

Cannon Hygiene proposed developing a unique signature fragrance for the hotel group. Various signature fragrance samples were created for the client until they were satisfied with the end product.

In February of 2016, Cannon Hygiene scenting solution, CannonScent W500, was provided to the client, along with the chosen signature fragrance, as a trial. On successful completion of the trial and since the client needed to cover a large area, the CannonScent W3000, connected to the HVAC system was installed.

The Results

Management were very happy with the solution provided and we also proved to them that we are a reliable, consistent and dependable partner. Following a successful trial period, a contract for       Pan – India was signed.

Persistency, consistency and commitment were all factors in the successful partnership between Cannon Hygiene India and the major hotel group.