A Chain of Four and Five Star Hotels Fitness Suites

The client is a chain of four and five star hotels that offer something for every type of traveller. Ideally located at the heart of the action these hotels and resorts are perfect for business or for leisure.

The client’s hotels and resorts offer state of the art fitness suites which contain full gym areas, heated swimming pools and sauna/steam rooms.

The Problem

The staff and customers of the fitness suites were experiencing malodour problems. This was due to both sweat and humidity.

The Solution

CannonScent W1000 air scenting solution unit was installed on the premises.

The Results

The solution was highly successful as the malodour was replaced with a pleasant scent. The scenting solution was then extended to the hotel and also to the shopping mall. For the shopping mall, a specific scent was chosen for branding and image purposes.