Washroom services

WC/Urinal Service

The build-up of scale, stains and uric salts in urinals and toilet bowls contributes to malodours and increased maintenance costs. Our washroom sanitiser and water management systems help to prevent build-up, eliminate germs and conserve water.

Toilet Seat and Handle Cleaner

  • Reduces risk of cross contamination from bacteria that live and breed on toilet seats.
  • Quick drying solution means the seat can be used immediately.
  • Can also be used on WC flush handle and door handles, giving the user extra reassurance.
  • Compact – fits discreetly into toilet cubicles.
  • Hygienic dispenser – Liquid is kept safe inside a sealed pouch and the dispensing lever is made from Polygiene® antimicrobial technology.
Dimensions (mm): Height: 209 Width: 100 Depth: 133
Available Colours White, Black, Silver

Toilet paper dispenser

There are probably fewer more inconvenient moments for your staff and customers than when there is no toilet paper to hand.

Toilet paper dispenser has a brake mechanism and security lock to prevent pilfering.

Dimensions (mm): Height: 310 Width: 280 Depth: 150

Paper Towel Dispenser

Hand drying is as important as hand washing in controlling infection.

Easy to clean and easy to refill.

Available with recycled or standard paper.

Dimensions (mm): Height: 310 Width: 280 Depth: 150

CannonClean Auto Sanitiser Hygiene System

CannonClean Auto Sanitiser works 24 hours a day on toilet and urinal bowls, eliminate odours and remove unsightly scale and stains.

  • Reduces and prevents scale and stains from forming in the bowl, saving on maintenance costs and washroom downtime.
  • Actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits.
  • BioPurinel rapidly kills bacteria in and around the bowl where regular cleaning cannot reach, preventing spread of infection.
  • Improves the cleaning effect of each flush and freshens the flush water by adding a fragrance.
  • Touch free operation, reduces the risk of cross contamination.
Dimensions (mm): Height: 212 Width: 120 Depth: 103
Available Colours White or Silver

Cannon-Flo Cartridge

  • Reduce odours, blockages and washroom downtime
  • Waterless or reduced water flushing solution
  • Specially formulated for urinals with 17 strains of friendly bacteria which penetrate uric salts making them soluble and easily washed away in the flush
  • Tried and tested in over 110,000 installations worldwide
  • Non-hazardous
Available Colours White, Chrome

Shake and Wake Dispenser

  • Reduce maintenance and cleaning, prevent unsightly scale and uric acid build-up and eliminate odours.
  • Touch-free maintenance, 24 hours a day. Uses probiotic bacteria to continuously clean.
  • Prevents spread of infection.
  • Environmentally friendly, supports green cleaning programmes.
  • Saves on maintenance costs and washroom downtime.
Dimensions (mm): Height: 203 Width: 108 Depth: 82
Available Colours White, Black, Silver

Water Management System

Cannon Hygiene’s water management system is a water flush system for urinals, fed from a water cistern. It reduces water usage and water costs by up to 90%.

  • No leaking or operation failure
  • Programmable – flush every 30/60/120 or 240 minutes; 12 or 24 hours per day
  • Unit can handle a large range of water pressures: 7-175 psi
  • Flashing green light indicates system is operating
Available Colours White and metallic