The education sector has a complex range of challenges to meet in delivering its service. Standards must be maintained, young people must be encouraged to grow and develop in the fullest way and costs need to be managed. At the same time the sector is becoming more competitive, with top schools and universities commanding the highest fees.

Cannon Hygiene understands the education sector and works with a range of schools and third level institutions around the world to provide them with a service which can enhance their offer to their customers. Services include feminine hygiene, hand care, such as soap and sanitisers, air care and urinal care.

We work hard at infection prevention

Infection prevention is important in schools and universities and is core to everything we do. Our feminine hygiene remove and replace service, combined with Activap™ our world leading feminine hygiene germicide protects against cross-contamination and keeps students and teachers safe. We remove and replace all feminine hygiene units to an agreed schedule, thus ensuring contaminated units are taken away, cleaned and sanitised before being returned.

Hand care is extremely important in a school or college environment as it is an important transmitter of disease. Our hand care is of the highest quality. Soap is provided in hermetically sealed containers with non-return valves. Handles contain Polygiene® to reduce cross-contamination. Hand dryers or paper towel dispensers are available as are toilet seat, hand sanitisers and desk sanitisers.

We also work closely with schools on information campaigns around germ transmission at key points of the year.

Maintaining standards, whilst managing efficiencies

We understand the complex balance between maintaining hygiene standards and managing efficiencies. We work closely with you to develop the most economical service schedule, which can also meet your hygiene requirements.

Efficiencies can also be achieved in other ways, for example our WC and urinal service is designed to reduce blockages, odours and washroom problems; our auto foam soaps have the highest number of shots in the market. We also have a range of water management and reduced water and waterless urinals to manage your water costs.

Products need to be robust in high volume washrooms. Cannon Hygiene’s range has been tested and used by schools and universities for many years and they have stood the test of time. Whether it is feminine hygiene units, soap dispensers or hand sanitisers, all of our products are up to the hard wearing requirements of the education environment.

Taking care of the environment

Sustainability and eco-friendly are important considerations for many schools, given their role in nurturing future generations. Cannon Hygiene has a range of eco-friendly products and services.

Cannon Hygiene’s eco-washroom range is better for the environment and offers a reduced carbon footprint.

  • EcoFresh is the first air care system that uses innovative fuel cell technology to freshen 24 hours a day, reducing malodours. It is fully biodegradable and lasts longer.
  • Auto-foam and manual foam soaps have Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye-free formulation and Green Seal approval.
  • The feminine hygiene remove and replace service, combined with the unique natural germicide, Activap™ has no bin liners or artificial germicides, which may cause negative impacts on the environment. Activap™ is exclusive to Cannon Hygiene.
  • Cannon Hygiene’s Cannon-Flo range encompasses waterless and reduced water urinals, combined with the unique Bioblock cartridge. Bioblock uses friendly bacteria to overcome common urinal problems such as blockages and malodours.

Case Study

A leading education institution in India

A leading education institution located in Borivali West, Mumbai, India has over 1,000 staff and students. The college is rated as an ‘A’ grade college by All India Management Association, AIMA.

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