In an environment where patient care is of utmost importance, Cannon Hygiene recognises the importance of ensuring that any supplier is qualified, efficient, reliable and able to provide solutions to challenges in an ever changing, demanding environment.

We work hard at infection prevention

Infection prevention and good customer service are core to everything we do. Our feminine hygiene remove and replace service, combined with Activap™ our world leading feminine hygiene germicide offers a five-log drop in bacterial levels and is proven effective in real conditions. We remove and replace all feminine hygiene units to an agreed schedule, thus ensuring contaminated units are taken away, cleaned and sanitised before being returned.

Our hand care is of the highest quality. Soap is provided in hermetically sealed containers with non-return valves. Handles contain Polygiene® to reduce cross-contamination. Hand dryers or paper towel dispensers are available as are toilet seat and hand sanitisers.

We understand your need for efficiencies

Cannon Hygiene has many years experience working with healthcare organisations around the world. We understand your business and the daily challenges you face in balancing costs and hygiene.

We work closely with you to develop the most economical service schedule, which can also meet your hygiene requirements. Efficiencies can also be achieved in other ways, for example our WC and urinal service is designed to reduce washroom downtime, thus helping with maintenance costs and hospital disruption.

Where possible we use probiotic rather than chemical solutions to address problems of uric salt build-up. We have a range of water management and reduced water and waterless urinals to manage your water costs.

Touch free cleaning

Urinals and toilet bowls need continuous cleaning to preserve appearance and keep bacteria at bay. Cannon Hygiene’s Shake and Wake probiotic urinal cleaner does just that in a touch-free way. It rapidly eradicates bacteria, preventing the spread of infection. As these bacteria often cause degradation of porcelain, Shake and Wake helps to maintain the look of the porcelain for longer, further reducing washroom costs.

Case Study

A leading provider of medical and surgical eye patient services

The client is a leading provider of medical and surgical eye patient services. These services are provided to specialist hospitals that are equipped with state of the art technology.

As a trusted partner to both the NHS and leading opticians, they expect only the highest standards from their suppliers.

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First impressions last. Senses are important in forming these impressions and helping customers form a lasting perception of your business

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Cannon Hygiene understands the education sector and works with a range of schools and third level institutions around the world to provide them with a service which can enhance their offer to their customers.

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In the hospitality industry it is all about first impressions!  From the time your guest enters, it is important they have a positive experience. Whether this is the aroma on entering or the appearance of your entrance mat or the cleanliness of your washrooms – all are key in helping customers form a perception of your business.

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Commercial and Manufacturing

Infectious illnesses can often have a significant impact on commercial businesses.  In addition to the impact of staff being absent, it is estimated about one third of staff turn up for work ill.  This means they are present for work, but their productivity is reduced, costing your company money.

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