A leading education institution in India

A leading education institution located in Borivali West, Mumbai, India has over 1,000 staff and students. The college is rated as an ‘A’ grade college by All India Management Association, AIMA.

The Problem

The client was experiencing blocked pipes due to the flushing of sanitary waste. This was causing constant complaints from the chamber maids. The client was looking for a hygienic solution to maintain their washrooms and also a solution where sanitary napkins could be available to the staff and students at a cost.

This had proven to be difficult for the client in the past due to the high footfall within the washrooms and also the lack of hygiene knowledge amongst the staff and students.

The Solution

Cannon Hygiene first focused on customer education. The client was given a presentation on the feminine hygiene service, its use, how the service works and its role in infection control. Training was provided for the staff, students and chamber maids.

An initial 10 day trial of the service and a two day trial of vending machines were provided. 25 feminine hygiene units and four vending machines were installed.

The Results

The client was very happy with the service as it reduced the instances of blockages at their premises, saving them €130 – €200 per instance. The staff and students were also very happy with the sanitary napkin vending facility. The client was so happy with the service a contract was signed and they referred us to another client. The client also invited the Cannon Hygiene team to their women’s day celebration to conduct a seminar on washroom hygiene and etiquette.