A Leading Stock Trading Centre in Thailand

The client is a leading stock trading centre in Thailand. As of January 31st 2015, it had over 584 listed companies and a combined capital of 460 billion USD. As a key financial function in Thailand it is important that the service quality in all aspects meets the highest standards.

The Problem

The client’s Board of Governors (BOG) strongly believed that good governance, management and organisation would enhance their credibility and would help to support investors’ confidence in the organisation.

In this regard, the client was awarded Gold Certification under “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)”, part of the green building rating system. Achievement of Gold Certification required that all aspects of the business met key objectives in energy saving and environmentally friendly management.

The washroom was no exception and as part of the Gold Certification the client wanted a washroom, which would be hygienic, but at the same time be environmentally friendly and high in energy saving

The Solution

Cannon Hygiene carried out a review of the client’s facilities and its requirements under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Following the audit, a range of services was proposed and accepted by the client. These included urinal sanitising services, hand care (auto-foam and hand rub), toilet seat sanitising and feminine hygiene services using Cannon Hygiene’s distinctive CannonCurve Auto.

The Results

Cannon Hygiene’s different and modern design fitted perfectly with the client’s brand image. More importantly, however, the environmentally friendly services in both equipment and material aligned with the customer’s requirements for their Gold Certification in LEED. The combination of improving the business environment, whilst also being eco-friendly and energy saving resulted in the award winning certification for the client.