Hand Dryers provide 30% savings to a leading retail and shopping centre

A leading national retail and shopping centre group was one of Cannon Hygiene Australia’s flagship hygiene accounts. Since February 2013, Cannon Hygiene Australia had been servicing over 400 washrooms in 40 shopping centres nationally providing a range of services from feminine hygiene, to hand, air and urinal care.

The Problem

In August 2013 Cannon Hygiene started discussions with a leading retail and shopping centre group with a view to adding hand dryers to the service range. As with the hygiene services contract, it was important to show that the addition of hand dryers would provide consistency of image; optimise the service offering and deliver savings nationally.

The Solution

In September 2014, Cannon Hygiene Australia negotiated an additional contract to supply a national hand dryer solution to the client. This involved the delivery of 1,600 Cannon Air Jets with a capital purchase of approximately $1.1m AUD. Cannon Hygiene achieved this growth and success as a result   of strategic account management, relationship building and great operational and finance support from the wider business.

The Results

Cannon Hygiene’s different and modern design fitted perfectly with SET’s brand image. More importantly, however, the environmentally friendly services in both equipment and material aligned with the customer’s requirements for their Gold Certification in LEED. The combination of improving the business environment, whilst also being eco-friendly and energy saving resulted in the award winning certification for SET.

Three other specific elements were also important for success:

  1. Demonstrated Savings

    Cannon Hygiene was able to demonstrate the hand dryer solution offered an improved cost position versus their national hand towel expenditure.

  2. Scientific approach used to estimate requirements

    A consistent set of rules was applied in estimating the requirements of each facility. Following an audit, each Facility Manager was provided with Cannon Hygiene’s estimate of their requirements for verification. This ensured a consistent set of rules was applied nationally.

  3. Coordination of Delivery & Distribution

    Once the final hand dryer order was determined, the team coordinated with Cannon Hygiene International to create a proposed delivery schedule to ensure the shortest lead time possible, whilst incurring minimal shipping and transfer costs.

The Conclusion

As a result of this contract, the client saved an estimated 30% on expenditure, equating to over $2million AUD per annum. All of the client’s facilities had a consistent image and in using one main washroom provider an optimal service solution was achieved.

Servicing 40+ centres comprising over 400 bathrooms nationally in Australia, this was one of Cannon Hygiene’s flagship accounts.