CannonBio-GD Case Study

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) causes up to 75% of all sewer blockages in the UK every year. It is responsible for many cases of property damage and pollution incidents. This costs restaurants, hotels and hospitals up to £15 million annually on blockage clearance along with further costs due to down time.

The Problem

A local hospital in the UK was experiencing build up of fats, oils and grease in its drains. The grease trap situated outside a patient waiting area was continually full and emitted a foul odour. In the previous 12 months, 79 call outs to a local drain clearing service had been made to clear the drains. The average cost per call-out was £100 at a total cost of £7,900 per year.

The Solution

CannonBio-GD is an automated dispensing system, which can be pre-set to customer needs. It is a

specific blend of natural non-toxic microbes, designed to keep drains clear and odourless. Six CannonBio-GD units were installed on the premises. One in each ward and one in the staff kitchen.


I am very happy with the results following a three month trial of the CannonBio-GD. It has improved the maintenance regime of our drains and has dramatically reduced malodours that can potentially spread to public areas around the hospital. I am also pleased that we have found a solution that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. I shall be continuing with the CannonBio-GD as a critical part of our drain maintenance regime.

The Results

The CannonBio-GD units immediately reduced fats, oils and grease build up in the grease trap. The number of call-outs dropped and mal-odours decreased.

In the first three months following implementation of the system, no call-outs due to fats, oils or grease blockages were made. It is estimated that over the 12 month period a saving of £4,900 will be made.