A Leading Medical Service Provider in Thailand

This leading medical service provider is one of the most prestigious hospital networks in Asia-Pacific. It employs over 26,000 employees and delivers world-class care to an international clientele. In 2014 the client had a turnover of €1.4bn and a market capitalization of €6.72bn. In 2015 its turnover increased to €1.63bn.

The client has 41 hospitals in Thailand and two in Cambodia and manages six major hospital brands.

The Problem

The client was looking for a hygienic washroom solution that also allowed them to maintain their prestigious image, whilst at the same time delivering the highest hygiene standards and good service.

The Solution

Cannon Hygiene proposed a solution to the client. As a first step the “Super Washroom Project” was set up in 2014. This was a demonstration washroom in the public area. It showcased Cannon Hygiene’s urinal sanitisers, toilet seat cleaners, auto-foam soap, the environmentally-friendly EcoFresh air fragrance unit and feminine hygiene units. Toilet paper was also provided.

Once installed, opinions were collected from over 100 end-users. The results were so favourable that the client decided to roll the concept out in other locations of the hospital.

The Results

A hygienic solution, which meets the highest standards and looks good has been provided to the client. Moreover, the partnership approach which was first demonstrated in the Super Washroom Project has continued with Cannon Hygiene and the client working closely to constantly offer the highest standards of care to those attending the facility.