Aviation deserves the best washroom service in the world – Cannon Hygiene can deliver.

First Impressions Last

Your airport represents the first step on a journey and you can begin on the right foot by using the range of Cannon Hygiene products and services. As soon as passengers enter the washroom, the benefits of Cannon Hygiene’s clean, contemporary look and dependable functionality are immediately apparent.

The total impression conveyed by the Cannon Hygiene range of soap and hand rub dispensers, hand dryers and fragrance units is of a clean, well ordered and congenial environment. This is complemented by our vending machines, offering a range of last minute washroom products. Our scenting solutions create an appealing environment and provide airports with a signature scent, while at the same time, managing any odour issues associated with large volumes of people.

Minimising odours and blockages

Uric salt build-up in urinals creates a number of issues at airports. Not only does it cause unpleasant odours, but more seriously it reduces the flow of the urinal, ultimately causing blockages, washroom downtime and increased maintenance costs. Bioblock for urinals delivers 17 strains of friendly bacteria into the waste pipes to penetrate uric salts. A deep clean should be carried out before installation.

Managing water costs

Water costs are an increasingly significant factor. That’s why Cannon Hygiene’s water management system is designed to reduce water usage by up to 90%. A programmable function allows re-set flushing times, depending on passenger volumes. This eliminates unnecessary waste and cost as water usage can more closely match washroom usage.

Faster dryers

Time flies in airports. We understand the requirement to keep traffic moving in and out of washrooms, so Cannon Hygiene’s Air Jet dries hands in 10 seconds and the Air Rapide, for more confined spaces, in 13 seconds. The result is a faster throughput of passengers than with other dryers. Both dryers have been judged as some of the quietest in the market.

Washroom traffic, real time alerts

Cannon Hygiene’s footfall monitor tracks washroom traffic and sends real time alerts to the cleaning team in the event of unexpected traffic volumes or where footfall exceeds specified thresholds. This helps in the appropriate allocation of resources and maintains standards of cleanliness.

Touch free cleaning

Urinals and toilet bowls need continuous cleaning to preserve appearance and keep bacteria at bay. Cannon Hygiene’s Shake and Wake probiotic urinal cleaner does just that in a touch-free way. It rapidly eradicates bacteria, preventing the spread of infection. As these bacteria often cause degradation of porcelain, Shake and Wake helps to maintain the look of the porcelain for longer, further reducing washroom costs.

On board airplanes, germs and infection can develop and spread fast!

The solution is CannonCapsule. Reduce germs by 99.9999% with the new formula that is totally bleach and alcohol free. It helps eliminate infection from pathogens such as Swine Flu (H1N1), C. difficile, MRSA, E. coli, Norovirus and many others.

The secret is the high technology microscopic polymer capsules which pop open on human contact, releasing their microbial action with a pleasant fragrance. Cannon Hygiene keeps working high in the sky and keeps your customers safe from airport terminal to their destination.

CannonCapsule has been tested and approved for use on aircraft by SMI Inc. Florida and by UKAS accredited laboratories. Enjoy a safe flight with Cannon Hygiene.

Case Study

A Major International Airport in Northern Ireland

A major international airport in Northern Ireland operates 24/7 all year round supporting over four million passengers per year.

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First impressions last. Senses are important in forming these impressions and helping customers form a lasting perception of your business

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Cannon Hygiene understands the education sector and works with a range of schools and third level institutions around the world to provide them with a service which can enhance their offer to their customers.

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Your airport represents the first step on a journey and you can begin on the right foot by using the range of Cannon Hygiene products and services.

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