Washroom Management

Energy Saving

Cannon Hygiene’s eco-washroom range is better for the environment and offers a reduced carbon footprint.

  • EcoFresh is the first air care system that uses innovative fuel cell technology to freshen 24 hours a day, reducing malodours. It is fully biodegradable and lasts longer.
  • Auto-foam and manual foam soaps have Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye-free formulation and Green Seal approval.
  • The feminine hygiene remove and replace service, combined with the unique natural germicide, Activap™ has no bin liners or artificial germicides, which may cause negative impacts on the environment. Activap™ is exclusive to Cannon Hygiene.
  • Cannon Hygiene’s Cannon-Flo range encompasses waterless and reduced water urinals, combined with the unique Bioblock cartridge. Bioblock uses friendly bacteria to overcome common urinal problems such as blockages and malodours.

Water Saving

Water costs are a significant factor for businesses. Urinal flushing is one of the worst offenders when it comes to excess water consumption in buildings.

The Cannon-Flo waterless urinal and reduced water range provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution than can eradicate excessive urinal water consumption. Our water management system reduces costs by up to 90% (reduced blockages, maintenance and less washroom down-time) plus it’s good for the environment.

Cannon-Flo bioblock is 100% eco-friendly using bacteria instead of chemicals to penetrate uric salt build-up. Its unique cartridge is fully recyclable and its inner components are completely biodegradable.