How Clean is Your Office?


You are most likely sitting at your work desk reading this article. If this is true, we have some interesting facts that may be of some concern to you.

As you may know your office can be extremely unhygienic. This can be due to co-workers not washing their hands, having a cold or a stomach bug or even from eating their lunch at their desk. Here at Cannon Hygiene we decided to carry out an experiment to determine what areas of the offices are the most contaminated by germs. We tested many, many objects but here are our top three:

Number 3

Coming in third place on our list of contaminated objects in your office we have the Door Handles. You may think because of the different hands touching the door handles every day that this may be higher on the list. In fact, it was five times less contaminated by germs compared to number one on our list. If you did think the door handle would be higher on the list you may be shocked by the next two objects.

Number 2

Second on our list is in fact your Telephone. Most people in an office environment use their telephone on a daily basis without cleaning it. This can cause germs to build up quite quickly. In fact, your phone has more than twice the amount of germs than that of a toilet seat!

Number 1

The number one most contaminated object in the office is… your Keyboard. You may be shocked to know that your keyboard has more than FIVE times more germs than the average door handle in the office. It also has FOUR times more germs than your telephone and SIX times more germs than a toilet seat. Keep this in mind the next time you are considering eating your lunch at your desk.


Take a second, look around and ask yourself – How clean is MY office?


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