Five hand washing moments at work


Now that you all know where the germ hot spots are on your desk, what about the rest of your office?

Offices can be extremely unhygienic due to the high volume of people. To help you all understand when you should be washing your hands throughout your work day, we present “Five hand washing moments at work”.

We recommend that you wash your hands after touching the following:

Number One

The office water cooler. Did you know that the average water cooler spigot contains 2.7 MILLION germs per square inch. Keep this in mind the next time you are drinking the water from it!

Number Two

The office refrigerator. The office refrigerator is constantly being used but perhaps it may be cleaned as often as it should be. Out of date food and the potential lack of cleaning means that the average office refrigerator contains 7,850 bacteria per square inch.

Number Three

The office microwave. Did you know that 30% of microwaves are contaminated around the handle and the buttons? Well, now you do!

Number Four

The office printer or copier. If you consider the volume of hands touching these every day, this is not that surprising. Some printers or copiers can be touched up to 300 times per day.

Number Five

What did surprise us however, was that your headphones were highly contaminated. This is because the bacteria on your headphones can multiply 700 times in one hour!


Five Hand Washing Moments at Work


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