Pest Prevention and Management

Professional Pest Management 

Cannon take a scientific approach to Pest Control, using our technical knowledge of insect and animal species’ behavioural patterns and infestation rates.  Pests are an environmental problem which require environmental solutions. Over time they can become resistant to some treatments so we have a commitment to constantly develop new products and services for the ever-changing market.  

Integrated Pest Management programmes work to manage the building to prevent pests from becoming a threat.  This includes management of outdoor habitats, proofing, screening and practices which can transfer pest species to the inside.  These control methods can be very effective and cost-efficient while presenting little or no risk to people or the environment.  

The key to successful infestation control is regular inspection where our certified IPCA pest technicians will advise you on the most suitable inspection intervals to help ensure pest infestation and recurrence levels are minimised. As part of Cannon's pursuit of excellence all our pest technicians receive regular training so as to ensure they remain up to date on developments within the industry, new products launched onto the market and best practice in terms of service delivery methods. 

Cannon Pest Control contracts cover a range of preventative measures and can benefit your business in many ways including the assurance that health risks are reduced while also providing digital records and analysis of all activity carried out on your premises. 

Call our pest control team any time of the day on our free phone number 1800 266 228.