1st Mar 2012

Pest of the Month for March is the Filter Fly

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Adult filter flies measure 15.5mm in length, they are dark in colour, with their wings and body covered in hair. Their wings are large in size compared to their body. Baby filter flies known as larvae are born with no legs, measure 3/8 inches in length, and their bodies are gray in colour with both ends slightly darker.

Where do they live?

Filter flies also known as moth flies or drain flies live indoors and they tend to congregate rounds windows, shower areas, sinks, and floor drains.

How do they breed?

Female filter flies lay their eggs in batches of 200 on wet, decaying matter and particularly on the filter of sewage beds. The eggs hatch within 2 days. Larvae are legless and slow moving flies, living partially submerged in the sewage sludge on which they feed. A female filter fly can have up to 8 generations within one year.

What do Filter Flies eat? 

Filter flies feed on decaying matter and particularly on the filters of sewage beds. They have been known to be attracted to the stagnant water found in drains and gullies.

How do I know if I have a problem with Filter Flies? 

The only way you will know you have a problem with filter flies is by actually seeing them.

Are Filter Flies harmful to humans? 

Yes, filter flies are harmful to humans because of where they choose to live. They can act as carriers of diseases.

How Cannon Can Help? 

Cannon recommend you call for professional assistance if you have a problem with filter flies in your home or building. 

Call Cannon Pest Control on 1800 266 228 for more information on our pest control products and services.

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