Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small, oval shaped and reddish brown in colour. Adult Bed Bugs grow to a length of between 4-5mm in length. The appearance of the bed bug changes from a light reddish brown to a darker shade after they have eaten. They have clawed legs to enable them to climb rough surfaces.

Where do they live:
Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insects which are most commonly found in head-boards, wooden bed frames, mattress buttons and seams, broken plaster, peeling wallpaper, crevices in woodwork, skirting board, flooring joints, carpets and also picture rails.

Bed bugs are most commonly transported in luggage, vehicles, furniture and bedside clutter.

How do they breed?
The female bed bug produces approximately 200 eggs during her life time. Bed bugs go through six life stages. In stage one the eggs are slightly curved and pearly white in colour and measure between 0.8-1.3mm in length. They hatch into nymphs after 10-20 days. Bed bugs undergo five moults which require one blood feed before each moult.

The development time frame depends on the temperature and food availability but can range between 9-18 weeks. A female bed bug will produce 2-4 generations per year.

What do Bed Bugs eat?
Bed bugs are small parasites which feed off living organisms called a host i.e. humans, animals or plants. While bed bugs are not nocturnal, they generally feed at night time. Bed bugs are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide produced by humans. Once a bed bug has found its host, it proceeds to inject saliva to cause irritation and swelling and then proceeds to feed on blood for a maximum of ten minutes ingesting up to seven times its own weight.

Once an adult bed bug has fed they can go for a maximum of a year without a blood meal.

Are Bed Bugs harmful to humans?
Bed bugs do not carry any disease however continued biting can cause anaemia in certain circumstances.

How do I know if I have a problem with Bed Bugs?
Biting symptoms, skin rash, fecal spots, blood smears on bed sheets and moults are a few ways of identifying a problem with bed bugs.

How Cannon Pest Control Can Help?
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