Controlling odours and preventing infection caused by used sanitary and other hygiene waste is a primary function of any germicide designed for use in a waste unit. But are all germicides equally effective? And what impact do they have on the environment?

We have developed Activap, a unique generation germicide that is totally safe and non toxic. Importantly, Activap contains active natural ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. The result is an anti-bacterial system that targets infection and odour causing bacteria, rendering them harmless - even those as hazardous as Hepatitis B & C and HIV.

Activap reduces the levels of bacteria in the waste by 99.999% and unlike other germicides, it's as effective at the end of the service cycle as it is at the start.

Activap is not available from any other supplier, and linked with our experience and ‘second to none service’, you can be confident that we will take care of this necessary function allowing you to concentrate on your business.